What You Need to Know About Sidewalk Accidents in Maryland

There are many different types of slip and fall claims including supermarket, apartment, parking lot, sidewalk, elevator or escalator, inadequate security, retail store, and construction site accidents. Sidewalk slip and fall accidents do not sound as dangerous as you might think. However, sidewalk accidents can happen anywhere and cause life-threatening injuries. Contact our Landover Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer to get assistance with your claim.

Who is responsible for injuries sustained in sidewalk accidents?

The property owner is responsible for any injuries sustained in the accident; as long as it can be proven they should have known about the dangerous conditions or knew of them and did nothing to fix them.

What damages will I receive compensation for?

Economic and non-economic damages can be sustained in a slip and fall accident. Both kinds of damages can be compensated for with reasonable documentation and proof. Economic damages include loss of wages, loss of future wages, medical bills, hospital stays, and rehabilitation costs.

Non-economic damages include pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment in life, loss of society and companionship, inconvenience, and emotional distress.

What are common dangerous sidewalk conditions?

Dangerous sidewalk conditions are normally thought of as conditions imposed by weather like ice and snow. However, dangerous sidewalk conditions can also include objects that are out of place. Tripping is also considered a slip and fall premises liability claim.

What are the steps I should take after a sidewalk accident?

  1. Call the police, so they can document a formal accident report.
  2. Go to the doctor to have injuries assessed that were sustained during the accident and have them put in a report.
  3. Take pictures of the scene to prove the dangerous conditions on the property. This is important to do as soon as possible, so the property owner does not try to cover it up.
  4. Collect witnesses’ contact information, so they can corroborate your story when filing the claim.
  5. Contact our Landover, Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer to assist with your claim.

How long do I have to file a claim?

The statute of limitations in Maryland is three years for personal injury claims. You have three years from the date of the accident to file a claim against the property owner in order to be eligible to receive compensation. If you file after the three-year mark, you may be barred from suing.

No one should have to go through a personal injury claim alone. Let us help you get the justice you deserve for the emotional, financial, and physical burdens you sustained from your sidewalk accident.


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