Who Is Potentially to Blame for a School Bus Accident?

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Bus accidents, more specifically school bus accidents, are far too common of an occurrence in the state of Maryland. What makes school bus accidents all the more devastating are the innocent children that may be involved. If your child has been made a victim of a school bus accident, read on to discover who is potentially to blame and how a seasoned Landover auto accident lawyer at The Law Office of Conrad W. Judy III, LLC can help you decipher this.

Who is potentially at fault for a school bus accident?

Most commonly, school bus drivers are responsible for school bus accidents. Examples of school bus driver negligence are as follows:

  • A school bus driver fails to make the bus come to a complete stop before children enter and exit.
  • A school bus driver fails to check that all children are seated before proceeding forward.
  • A school bus driver fails to check large blind spots before changing lanes.
  • A school bus driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol while driving.
  • A school bus driver is turned around talking to the children, texting, navigating a GPS, or otherwise driving distractedly.
  • A school bus driver is blowing through stop signs and red lights, speeding, making illegal maneuvers, or otherwise driving recklessly.

Though, other parties involved may have acted negligently and prompted a school bus accident to occur. Examples of other potentially at-fault parties are as follows:

  • A school bus company owner fails to properly train their drivers before sending them out on the road.
  • A school district fails to conduct a background check on a school bus company or driver before employing them.
  • A school bus manufacturer fails to promptly send out recalls for faulty parts.
  • Another driver on the road fails to stop when a school bus has its stop sign enforced.
  • Inclement weather conditions inhibit visibility on the roads for all drivers.

What is the statute of limitations for an accident claim?

Unfortunately, your child may be suffering from serious injuries and damages after their involvement in a school bus accident. If they are still a minor, the state of Maryland may allow you to bring a claim forward on their behalf. You must serve as your child’s protector against the negligent party and fight for the financial compensation that they require to heal.

Importantly, you must act fast when it comes to submitting your claim. That is, the statute of limitations for a personal injury claim in the state of Maryland is generally three years from the date of your child’s accident. Otherwise, you may indefinitely miss out on your opportunity to take legal action.

A competent Landover Maryland personal injury lawyer is able and willing to stand by your side throughout your claims process. Contact the The Law Office of Conrad W. Judy III, LLC today.

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