What Are Signs that I’m Concussed from My Car Accident?

concussion car accident

A concussion may arise when your brain abruptly jolts against your skull. Such a head injury is commonly incurred from the sheer impact of a car collision. With this, you must properly treat yours before it evolves into a more serious form of a traumatic brain injury. Continue reading to learn the signs and symptoms of being concussed and how an experienced Landover auto accident lawyer at The Law Office of Conrad W. Judy III, LLC can help you recuperate from your incurred damages.

What are the signs and symptoms of my being concussed after a car accident?

The signs and symptoms associated with a concussion may be sporadic, as you may experience anywhere from one to several of them. What’s more, such signs and symptoms may not even surface until the days, weeks, or even months following your car accident event. Nevertheless, you must keep a watchful eye out for the following:

  • Head pains:
    • Frequent headaches or migraines.
    • A constant feeling of head pain.
  • Body pains:
    • Frequent bouts of faintness.
    • A newfound issue with maintaining balance.
  • Cognitive issues:
    • An inability to recall the events before or after your accident.
    • A newfound issue with concentrating.
  • Sleeping issues:
    • A constant state of fatigue.
    • Troubles with sleeping through the night.
  • Gastrointestinal issues:
    • A constant urge to vomit.
    • A constant feeling of nausea.
  • Other pains and issues:
    • A constant change in mood or personality.
    • A newfound sensitivity to bright lights and loud noises.

It is worth mentioning that, unfortunately, your minor concussion may progress into a more serious post-concussion syndrome. Meaning that you have to endure your symptoms longer than anticipated. This is all to say that, if you notice yourself experiencing any of the aforementioned signs or symptoms, you must seek immediate medical attention.

What damages can I claim after being concussed?

Your being concussed may be only one of the many bodily injuries you were diagnosed with as a direct result of your car accident event. This is not to mention the property damages you may have incurred, as well. Rest assured, you may be able to recover from the financial burden that comes with such damages via a personal injury lawsuit. Specifically regarding your concussion, you may attempt to claim the following damages:

  • You may claim medical debt:
    • The cost of your CT and MRI scans to test for your concussion.
    • The cost of your ambulance trip to the emergency room to test for your concussion.
    • The cost of your prescription pain medications to relieve the symptoms of your concussion.
  • You may claim lost wages:
    • The inability to return to a job that requires physical labor.
    • The inability to return to a job that requires mental concentration.
    • The inability to return to a job that requires staring at a computer screen for an extended time.
  • You may claim pain and suffering:
    • The physical anguish you experienced from your concussion diagnosis.
    • The inability to partake in the things you once enjoyed before you incurred your head injury.
    • The mental anguish that comes with having to experience more extensive and intensive symptoms with subsequent concussions.

Without a doubt, your next step should be to employ a skilled Landover, Maryland personal injury lawyer. So please reach out to us at The Law Office of Conrad W. Judy III, LLC immediately.

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